Sodexo Benefits and Rewards China is one of the 1st foreign companies to receive the Prepaid Card License in China. There are more than 1,300 clients that corporate with us to satisfy the needs of their employees, and more than 250 000 beneficiaries using our cards in over 5,000 affiliates.

Sodexo improves the quality of life of your employees, either with our Meal Pass card that gives an access to a large network of restaurant to enjoy lunch or with our Tung Pass card that covered .the main purchasing fields wanted by your employees. Pls dial at 400 920 6001 for further details.

Client service 400 920 6001
Sodexo know my needs!

I am very happy that my company delivers to me a Sodexo card. I can use my Meal Pass card for my lunch with restaurants around, and I can enjoy my leisure time with the Gift Pass of Sodexo. It is very convenient.


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