Meal Pass

Meal Pass

Choose Meal Pass to strenghten the productivity of your company…

Our Meal Pass is a strong employee benefit that will fully satisfy your employees at lunch with an access to 5,000 restaurants :  they can discover either sichuan food, cantonese food, shanghaiese food or western. Providing Meal Pass at work will ensure a meal for all your employees, which stimulates the performance of your company.

Shanghai’s No. 1 prepaid meal card 
Tried, tested and trusted by 250,000 users
One of the largest restaurant network – 5,000 outlets. 
Additional outlets can be added depending on client's'requests
Affiliate Network includes large choice whatever your tastes or your budget are.
Good deals available all along the year
Assistance available on 400 9200 6001
Client service 400 920 6001

I choose Meal Pass

As a manager, my company needs to offer a uniform meal solution wherever are my employees. We have two sites in Shanghai, one is in city center and another is in the suburb. We decide to use Sodexo services, offering customized affiliate network for us with canteens and affiliate nearby. This is a perfect solution for us.

XX foreign software company in Shanghai

Since 1999, Sodexo proposes a wide range of services that improves the quality of life of the employees, retains them and contributes to the companies' performance.
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