I want to offer a real gift solution

The design of the card, the carrier and the small booklet are thought like a gift. Our network is mainly focus on gift, so the card holder will enjoy going in department stores, prestigious restaurants, beauty & salons, or simply to the supermarkets. You can also personalize this gift, by indicating on the card, the name of your company, the event, and the name of the person. Make enjoy this personal real gift!

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Sodexo is a client oriented company

We are very satisfied of the service provided by Sodexo because they are a client oriented company and they are innovative: Sodexo provided us a tailor made network of several restaurants around our buildings including our canteens. To make the life of our employees simpler, Sodexo created a specific Meal card able to be used by employees to record at our office and also to pay their lunch expenses. And this card is at the same time a chip and a contactless card.

Administrative Department ICBC Chang Ning Branch

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