Meal Pass

A lunch card for your employees that gives access to many restaurants, bakeries and canteens

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The key challenge for the company is how to attract, retain and reward the best employees.
Sodexo has a positive effect on employee motivation and contribute to our clients’ performance with its two main solutions: Meal Pass card and Tung Pass card.  Sodexo has built one of the largest gift and meal networks of stores.  It is also one of the first foreign leaders prepaid card company in China that get the third party payment licence by PBOC in 2013. That's why around 1,000 clients in China trust Sodexo to create their tailor made programs for their employees and 250,000 beneficiaries are enjoying our prepaid cards in our 5,000 affiliates.


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We are using Meal Pass

We have several branches and we looked for a solution to simplify our expense management check for those who have lunch and also use a meal mean of payment whatever the site is. We really appreciate the customer service of Sodexo, the flexibility of their Meal Pass and their ability to have created this tailor made meal solution for us.

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Since 1999, Sodexo proposes a wide range of services that improves the quality of life of the employees, retains them and contributes to the companies' performance.
Find your solutionEach client is unique so each motivation program is tailor made