Tung Pass

Tung Pass

Join our network of gift outlets to bring you more revenues !

Recruit new customers with high purchasing power to increase your turnover, improve your branding by benefiting from our online or offline communication channels, use a fully secured system trusted by thousands of affiliates…Let's try it


An Additional Turnover
Sodexo brings more clients to your place.
A new channel to communicate
Sodexo offers you a strong visibility to your brand
A good recruitment of new clients and acquisition of data
Recruitment of new customers with a high purchasing power. 
A good investment without risk
« Golden rule » finance policy required by Sodexo Group
Adaptability whatever is the network
Payment  of a commission rate only if you have some customers
A fully secured system
No risk of theft, duplicated cards
Positive impact on treasury
Rapid reimbursement of our company with the acceptance of our cards


Client service 400 920 6001

Tung Pass, A New Step

I appreciate being an affiliate of Sodexo Tung Pass, not only because Sodexo bring me new customers, but also it gives us more marketing channesl. These effective channesl attract more Sodexo users to consumes in our store; it increases the consumption of each month and improves our company brand awareness and loyalty.

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