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The objective of Sodexo is to bring added value to the merchants. That's why Sodexo creates some programs that will drive more and more turnover to you. Thanks to them, Sodexo is able to attract some high purchasing power customers that will spend their money in your outlet.  As Sodexo communicates on your brand by various media (online and offline), you will benefit from additional notoriety by being part of the network. Like our 5 000 affiliates, let's join our network to increase your revenues.

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I wanted to recruit some new customers, as I know a fierce competition on the chinese Market. I joined Sodexo in 2009 and Sodexo brings me a lot of new customers and also helps me to put in relieve my brand at the back of their card. Now over 20% of my sales come from Sodexo users, and for the new outlets, around 40% ! !

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Since 1999, Sodexo proposes a wide range of services that improves the quality of life of the employees, retain them and contributes to the companies' performance.
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