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Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services

Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services improves the quality of life

Sodexo Benefits & Rewards improves the quality of life of your employees or your stakeholders. Our MEAL PASS card gives them an access to more than 5 000 restaurants in Shanghai that will improve their performance and their productivity. In order to retain or motivate your employees, Sodexo Benefits & Rewards has created a TUNG PASS card that gives an access to a large network of merchants, with a high level of service. 

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Sodexo is a client oriented company

« We are very satisfied of the service provided by Sodexo because their team truly focused on our needs. Sodexo provided us a tailor made network of several restaurants around our buildings including our canteens. To make the life of our employees simpler, Sodexo created a tailor made meal card able to be used by employees to record at our office and also to pay their lunch expenses. And this is innovative card because it is a chip and a contactless cards.»

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